I miss this remembering

Eli Simić-Prošić (*1992)
(UA, 2022) for recorder trio

Composers note:
"In the forgettings and rememberings of the body and the instruments and the individual gestures which compose it we find the delicate balance between presence and absence. Three performers flow through their different collectivities as individuals and as various groups, as subjects of the present moment and of cultural history, as interminglings of both breath and tone, in search of spaces and times between the enforced dictates of the composer and their own performative impulses and agencies."


05.10.2022 Kunst-Station St. Peter Köln
16.10.2022 Probesaal Universität der Künste Berlin

Sound recording: Sarume Media, Celia Ruiz Artacho
Cameras: Anna Tena, Miguel Vallés
Video editing: Anna Tena

This project is funded by the NEUSTART KULTUR program:
„Erhalt und Stärkung der Infrastruktur für Kultur in Deutschland – Freie Musikensembles“.