Lo-Fi Dreams

Ferdinand Grätz
(UA, 2018) for amplified recorders and fixed media

In 'Lo-Fi Dreams', a mixed-media piece commissioned by recorder quartet BUX, Ferdinand Grätz delves into the timbres and textures of classical recorders and electronic sounds, exploring the intriguing amalgamation of their sonic potentials. A primary focus was on the interface between human players and their technical abilities, seeking to enhance these capabilities mechanically. One innovative approach entailed attaching air balloons to the mouthpieces, ensuring a steady airflow akin to bridging the gap between human expression and machine-like soundscapes. This technique evokes a pivotal concept in the ongoing evolution of mankind, wherein humans appear to assimilate characteristics of machines, and conversely, machines exhibit traits reminiscent of human nature. Further key focal points include drones and the intriguing concept of noise resulting from bit reduction and downsampling in synthetically generated sounds, a theme reflected in the use of aluminum foil to cover the recorders' labiums. The resulting timbres evoke reminiscences of music genres such as Lo-Fi House, characterized by their infusion of white noise and textured layers to create a sonically pleasant atmosphere.

4 Augenblicke Production

Premiere: 13.06.18 Kunst-Station Sankt Peter
Köln Plattform für künstlerische

Das Konzert fand statt im Rahmen von ON-Neue Musik Köln, gefördert duch die Stadt Köln und das Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes NRW.

Bux Quartet: P1 P3 P4 P2
P1 Chia-Ling Lee (Tenor, Alt)
P3 Franziska Salker (Großbass, Tenor)
P4 Wei Hung (Kontrabass, Sopranino, Tenor)
P2 Chia-Ying Chuang (Bass, Alt)